THE PROTECTA LINE is designed to kill bacteria, and thus extend shelf-life. Each product contains the same effective Natural Herb extracts, dispersed on different carriers to accommodate a variety of labels.

The Protecta Line works in Meat, Poultry or Seafood and does not interfere with flavor profiles. These products are effective against yeast, mold and bacteria in fresh, cooked or frozen applications. Protecta is also a perfect shelf-life extender for home-meal replacement products.

The Protect Line blends easily into spices, injections or marinades and provides excellent color stability. The following are a few suggested uses:

  1. Mix with spices for fresh and cooked sausage products
  2. Incorporate in rubs for deli meats and roast beef
  3. Use in injection or marinade for pork, beef, chicken or seafood
  4. Combine with spices for luncheon meats
  5. Blend into dips, sauces and pate'

Available Products

PROTECTA Super (Product No. 15876)
USDA Labeling: Sodium Acetate, Salt, Flavoring

PROTECTA C.G. 63 SH (Product No. 15163)
USDA Labeling: Salt, Flavoring

PROTECTA Two (Product No. 15850)
Ingredients: Salt, Flavorings