The danger of overuse of antibiotics to promote growth in livestock has become a major concern to farmers, scientists and the general public.  At Bavaria we are developing innovative solutions to maintain animal health and production rates without antibiotics.

Bavaria currently offers products for:

Ruminants: These maintain a positive balance of intestinal and rumen microbiota, improving animal health and support resistance against coccidial infections.  Our feed supplements also aid in reducing the emission of greenhouse gas (CH4) in installations having a significant anti-methanogenic effect.

Swine: These reduce pathogens, parasites, molds and viruses and improve health and growth while modulating inflammatory responses.  Our feed supplements provide improved resistance against coccidial infections and aid in transference immunoglobulin G between sow and piglet.

Poultry: These reduce enteropathogenic bacteria in broilers (Campylobacter jejuni and E. coli) and reduction of Salmonella spp.  It also improves resistance against coccidial infections and modulates inflammatory responses.

Fish: These reduce ectoparisite burden and help maintain intestinal flora to improve resistance to pathogens and overall health.

Below are our product lines for use with Animal Nutrition