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Bafos Specialty Phosphates

Bafos™ specialty phosphates are natural powdered products to extend shelf life and increase water retention before and during cooking.

Phosphates serve many functions in meat and other food products. Though our specialty phosphates by themselves do not extend shelf life, the Bafos™ line of products enables the natural mechanism in food products to improve the quality of many foods.

The buffering capacity of our specialty phosphates:

  • stabilizes the pH
  • stabilizes dispersions, emulsions and suspensions
  • promotes water retention
  • reduces oxidation
  • improves freeze-­‐thaw stability
  • helps to extend shelf life
  • promotes retention of juices during cooking
  • boosts nutritional value

The Bafos™ line of products comes in powdered form and easily dissolves in water. Due to its low dosage rates, there are no flavor issues.



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