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Other great solutions for extending shelf life and boosting yield

In addition to our superior line of core products, Bavaria looks for ingredients and products that have important functions in the processing of meats and other food products. We have a unique line of shrinkable and breathable polyamide casings in different designs that are permeable to smoke.


Use these products with beef, pork, poultry, deli entrees and various other food applications.

Product Details

Miscellaneous Products

Sodium Erythorbate

  • A high quality, white, odorless, crystalline powder
  • Dissolves well in brine
  • Excellent cure accelerator

Casings – PA 6 Tube

  • Widely used as a flexible packaging film in numerous applications, including meat and cheese and in processed meat/food production for its unique properties, such as;
    • Mechanical strength
    • Transparency
    • Thermo-formability
    • Good barrier
    • High temperature resistance


  • Casing particularly well-suited to boiled and cooked smoked sausages
  • Shrinkable and breathable polyamide casing permeable to smoke
  • Innovative casing looks and feels natural and is an ideal alternative to collagen or natural sausage casings
  • No weight loss and the meat broth and grease do not leak out
  • Available as ring casing, straight form and FKN design

Walorin Matt

  • The Walorin Matt ring casing only differs from the Walorin in its rough surface otherwise it has the same exact qualities as the Walorin product
  • Available as ring casing, straight form and FKN design

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